ELLIPS Hair Vitamin Pro Keratin Complex

Hi, everyone!
Minggu lalu aku diundang sama Team Ellips untuk menghadiri Blogger Tea Party #ShineLikeStars di Wyls Kitchen bersama Brand Ambassador-nya, Julie Estelle. Jadi di acara tersebut, kita banyak ngobrol dan sharing soal masalah rambut, bagaimana perawatan yang baik untuk penampilan rambut sehari-hari. Penting banget untuk tau how to style our hair well, cara mengatasi rambut kusam dan kering, terlebih buat yang rambut berwarna kayak aku.

Jadi, sebelum acara Tea Party berlangsung, aku dan kesembilan blogger lainnya diajak sama Team Ellips untuk hair treatment dulu di salon di Senayan City. Disini aku langsung mencoba produk Ellips Hair Vitamin Pro Keratin Complex dan aku bisa lihat hasil langsungnya ke rambut aku.

Acaranya overall seru banget. Dari nyalon bareng, tea party with the bloggers (cakenya enak banget btw), kita juga ngobrol banyak soal cara merawat rambut. Sehabis acara, aku dapat banyak ilmu soal cara merawat rambut supaya tetap sehat dan bernutrisi, dan cara yang benar untuk styling rambut. Jadi gak sabar buat mencoba produk Ellips dan lihat hasilnya ke rambut aku!


Bagian favorit aku tentunya hehe..
Ellips Hair Vitamin Pro Keratin Complex.

Senang banget pas lihat catokan mini yang super duper lucu! Ini berguna banget kalau dibawa pas travelling karena sizenya yang kecil.

Pink Pouch.

Ellips Cuticle Serum & Ellips Hair Vitamin Balinese Essential Oil.

Ellips Cuticle Serum.

Tiga jenis Ellips Hair Vitamin Pro Keratin Complex: 
- Smooth & Silky, untuk rambut selembut sutra.
ingredients: Pro Keratin Complex dan Aloe Vera Oil
- Silky Black, untuk rambut tampak hitam lembut berkilau.
ingredients: Pro Keratin Complex, Kemiri dan Aloe Vera Oil
- Hair Repair, intensif menutrisi rambut kering dan rusak.
ingredients: Pro Keratin Complex dan Jojoba Oil

Dari acara Tea Party minggu lalu, aku dapat banyak informasi kalau penggunaan Ellips Hair Vitamin Pro Keratin complex untuk sehari-hari akan membantu menutrisi hingga ke batang rambut. 
Selama ini untuk urusan perawatan rambut, aku tidak suka repot. Jadi my hair routine itu cuma shampoo dan conditioner. Ternyata shampoo aja tidak cukup, karena vitamin shampoo akan luruh saat dibilas. 

Sudah seminggu ini aku mencoba Sebutir Ellips Sehabis Keramas, well, ternyata aku mulai bisa lihat hasil positif dari Ellips Hair Vitamin ke rambut aku. Setelah aku coba selama seminggu ternyata benar. Rambut aku jadi lebih lembut pas dipegang, dan wanginya juga enak! :)

 Kondisi rambut aku sebelumnya memang cenderung kering karena aku sering gonta ganti warna rambut dan juga sering aku catok.

Sekarang rambut aku lebih halus dan lembut ketika dipegang. Hehe..

Diantara ketiga varian, if I have to pick my favorite, it's Smooth & Silky! Wanginya enak, rambut aku lebih sehat dan lembut. Senang banget bisa lihat hasil positifnya langsung di rambut aku.

Jangan lupa Sebutir Ellips Sehabis Keramas. Hanya dengan satu langkah simpel ini, rambut aku jadi lebih sehat, karena vitamin Ellips menutrisi hingga ke batang rambut.

 Rambut Sehat, Rambut Ellips!

Psst, kamu juga bisa cari tahu informasi mengenai Hair Analysis yang bisa menjawab pertanyaan masalah rambut kamu di www.ellipshaircare.com



Hi everyone! Couple months ago I was invited by Maybelline to the Launching of "Doll It Up" Kit, their latest new products. I was really excited especially knowing that they finally launched their new mascara (I'm a loyal fan of Maybelline Mascara fyi). The Doll Up Kit comes in a bright pink suitcase box which is undeniably cute.

Let's unbox this!

Inside the box:
1. The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
2. BB Cushion
3. Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick
4. Magnum Barbie Mascara
5. Doll It Up Look Book

The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

Yay swatches time!

Can anyone get enough neutral eyeshadows? This palette definitely works for everyday wear. The palette has a quite range of colours. There are some really nice shades in the palette. However, I find that some shades are too sheer and not pigmented enough to my personal liking (the colours on the top).

Verdict: The palette could be an affordable alternative for beginners. Some of the shades have weak pigmentation as seen on the swatches, but if you put on primer before putting on the eyeshadows, the primer will do a good job bringing out the beauty of these shadows. I agree that this palette is more for natural and subtle look!

Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick

Yay swatches time!

I got three shades: MAT 11, MAT 10, and MAT 9. (L-R)


Yes, this is by far my no. 1 favourite products from the kit! Can we all please take a moment to see the beautiful pigmentation? Even better, I really enjoy the formula. It is creamy, with a smooth and velvety finish. Some matte lipsticks can become quite drying, but the one from Maybelline feels slightly hydrating, which makes it my top favourite item from the kit. I suggest that wait for awhile so the colour dries better. The colour will come off a bit after drinking or eating.

Verdict: The lipsticks are very wearable and especially great for those with drier lips cause we all know how drying usual matte lipsticks are. The colours are intense with matte finish. The colours are quite lasting (around 4-5 hours). The creamy formula makes it easier to apply and easier to wear!

MAT 10
MAT 11
MAT 9 is more like tomato / cherry red, MAT 10 is a barbie pink, MAT 11 is a deep red.

Magnum Barbie Mascara

Maybelline Magnum Barbie Mascara comes in a pink yellow packaging. I am a loyal fan of Maybelline Mascara. Period. It's technically my holy grail so we all know how great their mascara is. 

This mascara comes in one shade only: jet black shade. It coats my eyelashes pretty well. It does a good job in volumizing the lashes but not lengthening part. 

Verdict: This is a waterproof mascara, and won't budge once applied. However, it does flake a bit after a long day. I still find myself leaning towards Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara which I swear by.

Maybelline Super BB Cushion

Well, it's about time, isn't it? With all the BB Cushion trend, finally Maybelline is launching their own BB Cushion. I'm all about BB Cream and BB Cushion thus I was looking forward to try this. However, the shade I got is #03 Natural, and the shade is too dark for me since I have a fair skin. :(
They have it in two shades, #02 Light and #03 Natural.

Verdict: I have yet to try it on (on my hand obviously since it doesn't match my shade) and I'll get back to update more about it. Whether it has a good coverage, dewy finish or oil control, I'll get back soon, ok?

Overall, If I have to pick my fave amongst all, I'm going to go with the vivid matte liquid! It is highly pigmented, it glides on easily and it is comfortable to wear. It is not completely matte though, but it is still a lovely product.

See you on my next post!


BANGKOK FOOD GUIDE: Must Eat Food in Bangkok

There are so many reasons to love Bangkok, and personally, no number of trip is ever enough. Bangkok is well known as a paradise for shopaholic and also heaven for foodies from all around the world. Every time I visit the city, there are always new restaurants and cafes to check out. Believe me, I am always excited to try the new ones, but sometimes I love revisiting my favourite places too.

If you're planning to visit Bangkok, here's my version of Must Eat Food in Bangkok. I hope this list will be useful for you when you visit Bangkok.

After You Dessert Cafe

Their specialty, Shibuya Honey Toast.
Chocolate Mud Brownie.
Ferrero Toast.
Banana Nutella Mille Crepe.

This dessert place is very popular in Bangkok. I personally always find myself coming back to this place. It's so hard to pick favourite cause I love everything I ordered, but if I really had to choose, then I'd go with the Shibuya Honey Toast! Fluffy crispy toast with unlimited honey sauce. The serving was huge but don't worry hahaha I can still finish a portion by myself lol it was really THAT good! Up until now, I still cannot find better place to serve toast than After You. The mud chocolate brownie was lovely too as it's not too sweet. My sister personally loves the Banana Nutella Mille Crepe.

There are a lot of After You Dessert Cafe branches. My best advice is to go to the branch at Central World to avoid the queue. You'll save so much time!

What to order: Shibuya Honey Toast, Banana Nutella Mille Crepe, Chocolate Mud Brownie.

Huaplachongnonsea Junior

The highlight is the Curry Crab Meat! My sister and I agree that it is better than the one at Somboon Seafood. This is one of the place I will definitely come back for just for the curry crab meat! However, I notice that this place is not very touristy.

I went to the branch at Central World.

What to order: Curry Crab Meat, Hotpot Tom Yum Soup

Mango Tango

One should never leave Bangkok without trying the Mango Sticky Rice. The safe bet is to go to Mango Tango. It is a popular dessert shop specialising in everything about mango. 

Mango Tango is located at Siam Square Soi 3.

What to order: basically everything with mango. I love the mango smoothies!

Isao Sushi Bar

Special menu: Lava Maki. It's not on menu so you have to ask the waiter for this.

Crunchy, my favourite.

I know right, Japanese food in Bangkok? It is truly a hidden gem. Isao is a japanese fusion sushi bar which serves amazing fusion Japanese rolls and dishes. I would never ever miss this place whenever I visit Bangkok. The sushi was all amazing and very well executed!

I usually come during lunch time cause the set meal is only available during lunch time. I recommend getting the set meals and then some sushi to share! The set meals are really affordable and value for money.

Address: 5 Sukhumvit Soi 31

What to order: Jackie, Crunchy, Lava Maki, actually anything.

Another Hound by Greyhound

It's a Thai-Italian cafe located at Siam Paragon. There's also the Greyhound Cafe (at Siam Central) and they're pretty much the same. The fusion menus are interesting!

What to order:  Shrimp Pad Thai, Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings, Seafood Squid Ink Spaghetti (a bit spicy)

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak is a must visit place for tourist! It's really huge so you might get lost by wandering around. I recommend you to get a map of Chatuchak for better directions.

Chatuchak Chicken Noodle
Section 21, Soi 29 facing Soi 47

This feels like home. Herbal chicken noodle soup is absolutely delicious.

Pic credits to google.
People come to Chatuchak for the coconut ice cream. I don't get why it's so popular but maybe that's because Chatuchak is extremely hot hence coconut ice cream sounds like a good idea. I personally find it is okay but it's somehow not the kind of food I will be craving for.

Mini cream puffs. So addictive! The only downside is I can't remember the exact location of the stall was. :(

Ban Khun Mae

You can enjoy authentic Thai cuisine here at Ban Khun Mae. The location is very convenient at Siam Square along with the famous Som Tam Nua.

Address: Siam Square Soi 8

What to order: Green Curry, Tom Yum Goong

Saeb X2 Wonton Noodles

Be prepared with the snaking long queue. My first visit was three years ago, and the queue back then wasn't as crazy as it is now. The wonton noodle was just okay, the portion was small, and it was not bad, well basically nothing to rave about, I can find the better ones at other places, but the pork leg rice was good. However I don't think I'd queue for this cause the queue recently has been quite ridiculous and it's just not worth it.

I recommend getting the thai milk tea from the stall right beside the Saeb X2 Wonton Noodle place if you happen to be around. The thai milk tea was the bomb! I know you can find thai milk tea everywhere on the street, but this one is too good to be missed. Too bad I can't recall the name of the restaurant but I always get my thai milk tea from that certain place.

Address: Petchburi Soi 19


I am not a big fan of McDonald, but the McD spicy chicken wing from is to die for!! Unfortunately it is only available in Bangkok. The chicken wing was crispy, juicy and spicy!

711 in Bangkok. They have Chocolate Lava Bun and Salted Egg Bun!

Whenever I travel, I always make a visit to the minimart to check out their food selection. One of my favourite minimart is 711 in Bangkok. Look for the ham cheese croissant sandwich and I am certainly sure you will be hooked as I am. I wish I could brought this back!

Street Food

Bangkok is famous for its street food and being as adventurous as I am, I can say that I have tried almost everything - at least, the street food at the long alley of Petchburi Soi 19 and nearby.
It was a hit and miss, but here's are what must have for me!

 Grilled Pork (Moo Ping)

I don't know what's with Bangkok and milk but even the fresh milk tastes so good! Don't even start with their bubble milk tea. Every time I saw bubble milk tea shop I just had to fight the urge to give in to temptation and buy one lol but really, I am wondering why.

Fried Banana Pancake
 Look at the overflowing condensed milk! Thais love their food sweet and this was not an exception. Some days I am really craving for this banana pancake and I just can't wait to go to Bangkok to have another bite of this. It was light and crispy.

Sweet Potato Balls
It is similar to Bola Ubi here, but much more delicious! The sweet potato ball was crispy on the outside and soft inside. It's so delicious that you can't stop at just one ball. 

Of course, you just can't miss Thai Milk Tea.

Pandan Kueh

You can find this pandan kueh at Siam Square. This panda kueh is soft and chewy.  It's best eaten hot so you must eat this immediately to understand how yummy this is. Also I love everything pandan flavoured!


Once again, I don't know how the Thai does it, but their omelette is to die for. It was a simple dish but they succeed to make it outstanding. The omelette is so fluffy! Same goes with the fried chicken. 

Fried Chicken

Stole this pic from google lol apparently I don't have the pic of fried chicken cause I lost my phone two years ago and all the food pics were gone :(
You can find this stall anywhere on the Pratunam area. Some tips: please look for the cart who also sells the fried chicken skin! I always get the crispy chicken skin to eat along with pad thai lol it is such a perfect combination. I know it's bad for cholesterol but honestly who can say no to crispy chicken skin? 

Pad Thai

Stir-fried rice noodle with egg, bean sprout, peanut, tofu and prawns! It is extremely delicious.
There are places that are famous for Pad Thai, one of them is Thip Samai but I have never tried it myself. So far, the one from the random food stall is quite decent for me.

Waffle at Platinum Mall Food Court.
Ask them for the freshly baked waffle, or ask them to heat it out for you. You'll be amazed with how delicious the waffle is.

Another Mango Sticky rice cause you can never have too many mango sticky rice while in Bangkok.
I'd say that you can get mango sticky rice anywhere in Bangkok and it won't go wrong. However if you're looking for the best mango sticky rice, I suggest you to go to Maewaree. (1 Sukhumvit Soi 55 Thonglor)


Well, that pretty much sums up my Must Eat Food in Bangkok. I have a few cafe recommendations in Bangkok but that will be on another separate post. Thank you so much for joining me on my food guide post!