Orori Jewellery (Review)

Been very excited to share with you my latest project with Orori, a jewellery online store based in Indonesia. I always have this thing with jewellery and so, I am a big believer in 'diamond is a girl's best friend'. Last week I finally got a chance to take a visit to the Orori's head office. Being able to visit Orori's head office and take a look at the jewellery collections personally, you can tell that I was truly excited! 

A little background of Orori, they are the pioneer of Jewellery Online Store in Indonesia, which established back in 2004. They are focusing in creating and providing high quality wedding rings for customers based in Indonesia. 

Not only that, they also provide engagement ring (psst. That's what I am most excited about lol: diamond ring!). What's special about Orori is that they provide this special feature, called 'Design My Own' where you can basically design and create your own personalised jewellery. Isn't that impressive that you can design your own wedding ring? Well, well, kudos to Orori! They truly understand that everyone wants a jewellery which is personally made for them. 

Among all their jewellery collections, my personal favourites are the simple diamond ring, the lovely ribbon diamond ring, and last but not least, the diamond heart pendant! They are simply perfect for the daily wear.

Head over to their official website to find out more about Orori.

Habitual Quench and Feed Bali

I just came back from Bali last week, and this time round, I managed to get many restaurants ticked off from my what-to-eat lists. You will be surprised to see how long my food list lol. Ever since I passed by this place when I was on my way to Nook, I have keep in mind to come back to visit Habitual Quench & Feed. It is located really near to Nook, which is personally one of my must-visit restaurants too in Bali. But that'd be in another blog post I suppose. Is that a good idea to summarize my most favorite restaurants in Bali in one blog post? What do you think? :)

One of the reasons I love Bali is there are a lot of great places for brunch, and compared to Jakarta, the price is really affordable too. Ever since I got back from Bali, I have lost my interest to have brunch in Jakarta, at least for awhile lol. 

One morning, we wanted to have a decent brunch, and off we went to Habitual Quench & Feed. The place is not spacious but I love the homey vibe the place offers!

Whoa. I know right? Their burger is to-die for! The portion was huge.

Mushroom Cheese Onions Burger (IDR 95K)
lettuce, tomato, pickles, bacon, beef patty, cheese, caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms.

I LOVE IT! Seriously, it is one of the best burger I have ever tasted in my life and it's coming from a girl who does not really fancy beef. (I love the beef patty so much wtf)
Plus point that it is served with homemade cut french fries.

Habitual's Brunch (IDR 85K)
crispy hash brown, wilted spinach, smoked salmon, poached eggs, hollandaise.

The poached eggs are on point. Served with crispy hash brown (which I like) and smoked salmon (which I like too), overall this dish was great, but I would definitely pick the burger over this!

I had the cookies for takeaway and I like it! I wanted to try their brownies and walnut cake too but they are not available that day. Perhaps next time? :)

Habitual Quench & Feed
Jl. Umalas 1 No. 12B, Kerobokan
(0361) - 918 1801
Opening hours: 9am - 6pm (daily)
Closed on Mondays

Little update

This morning I was doing a back up of my camera photos and well, while I was looking at those pics, suddenly the thought hit me, what's the point of taking all the pics but never have a chance to post them? That's when I realized that I miss writing on my blog. I miss sharing things without having to worry if the photo looks "instagrammable". With so many social media apps nowadays, it's just barely impossible to juggle all at the same time (and still having real social interaction).  I am now more active on Snapchat cause I love how it is spontaneous, it isn't as curated as Instagram is. At the end of the day, when I lie on my bed, I love watching my own snaps. It's kinda like summary of my day.

I know that it'd be a struggle to keep this blog alive. But I simply miss this feeling, to share things on my blog. Overall, the reason why I started blogging is because I love sharing things. :)

Little update as the title suggests:

I now have the shortest hair I have ever had in like what, 3 years? Being the impulsive Aquarius, one morning I just woke up and had this urge to have a short hair cut. If you've given me quite some time to think, I would never do it lol.

Then another morning, I decided to dye it purple. 

Welcome to my life.

Headed to Surabaya for work, around a month ago.

 (Taken from my snapchat: claudiaphankova)
If you are new to my snapchat, please don't get surprised of the amount of food that I actually eat everyday.
Love the new paperbag for Oudre! I want the sling to be long cause I dislike how the usual paper bag have a short sling that when I carry it, and my other hand is occupied with my bag and million other stuff  I am carrying too, even taking out my phone from my bag can be such a pain in the ass. We only have two hands, remember? This way, it can be fuss-free! :)


Went to Harajuku after the sakura viewing and lunch at Shinjuku, if you haven't read it, you can read it here. I was happy to be back again at Harajuku even though I have ever been to Harajuku before on my previous trip with Pixy and Fimela team. Harajuku is pretty interesting and it has a lot of stuff to look at. I also love people-viewing here cause all people who came to Shibuya were very stylish! 

Speaking about the weather, unfortunately Japan has experienced a rather cold spring this year. We should get used to a 5-6°C in the mornings, and (-)3°C-0°C at nights. I wasn't completely prepared for such a cold spring wtf. I have checked the weather forecast right before heading to Japan thus we only expected the 11-12°C so I only packed ONE thick coat. I brought a lot of outerwears but none of them that actually will keep me warm, I only brought them cause they are attractive lol. It was my first time travelling in cold weather and only then I found out that I am not very good with cold weather hahahahahaha.

The Japanese girls have the most amazing street fashion sense I swear. I am not exaggerating that it was freezing cold during our trip. Most of the days were rainy which made it even colder than it already was. But during my trip, I bumped into a lot of japanese girls who ONLY wore short pants/skirts without any stockings and leggings. I am truly impressed with their effort to dress up! They totally put crazy effort into looking good. If it was me, All I care was how to keep myself warm enough lol.

We were still very full from our lunch so we just took a walk around and visited the shops. Bought a pair of hipster glasses only for ¥1000. Then of course I have to take a lot of pics with it lol. By the way, the stuff here is cheaper than Shibuya!

I actually love this one the most but I got photobombed by my sister's bf hahahaha or else this will be the one I post on my instagram.
See what I said about the Japanese girls care a lot about appearance and they make a big effort to look good? Hahaha they only wore short pants!

Mandatory touristy pic at the forever crowded Takeshita Dori.

Piles of Kitkat. Kitkat in Japan is too cheap already. It costs only ¥199!? When in Japan, buy all the kitkats!

Four-floored Daiso, The 100 Yen Shop at Harajuku. It is a must-go for me! Everything inside is just too tempting not to buy and everything is only ¥100. Talk about cheap? Not only snacks, you can basically find a lot of stuff from cosmetic goods, house tools, kitchenware and a lot other interesting items! I did not take any pics inside cause I was too busy hunting stuff hahaha #badblogger

Along the street, you can also find Matsumoto Kiyoshi, a cosmetic drugstore and the branch is everywhere in Japan hahaha. Whenever I see one, I just have to get in and see what deal I can get. I am a drugstore addict wtf.

Two famous crepe stalls at Takeshita Dori, Marion Crepes and Angel Heart. It's like a tradition to get a crepe whenever you visit Harajuku lol honestly you can spot a lot of people eating crepes here.

You can choose the one you want as seen on the display!

At the corner of the shopping mall at Harajuku, you can find The Gindaco, a popular chain of food stall specializing in Takoyaki (octopus balls) and taiyaki (fish shaped dessert). However I am never a fan of takoyaki so I got the taiyaki instead.

There are two kind of fillings: chocolate and traditional azuki sweet beans. The croissant taiyaki is quite unique cause it's unlike the usual taiyaki which has a texture alike with waffle/pancake. The croissant taiyaki is very crispy. I recommend the azuki sweet beans! You should try this if you are around the area. I really really like it especially when it is piping hot.

We had an enjoyable time exploring the Omotesando area. The neighborhood is very nice with all the beautiful looking shop and houses. There are a lot of famous cafes around this area too!

Passed by a very famous Eggs' n Things, Hawaiian Pancake House.

When I say famous, it really is. You can expect a long queue in front of the restaurant as in the photo above. I don't know what it got into us but we decided to join in the queue and look what's the fuss all about lol. 15 minutes later we kinda regret our decision cause queueing in cold weather was a bit of torture. Everybody were shaking in the cold hahahaha it's not like we were dying to try this place out. It's only because we were kind of bored and we passed by this restaurant and thought to ourselves why don't we try this kind of situation.

20 minutes later.. We got inside!
We ordered two dishes for sharing, Potato Bacon Cheese Omelette and Strawberry Whip Cream with Nuts Pancake. For the drinks we had hot chocolate and strawberry yoghurt! The hot chocolate is perfect in such a cold weather.

We were surprised when the pancake came to our table! Look at the amount of the whipped cream served on the plate. The whipped cream is not overly sweet, but it's just too much whipped cream lol. I love the pancake though! It is very light and fluffy, like biting into an air kind of thing? The strawberries were very sweet omg nothing sour like the one I have ever had before. I just love Japanese strawbies!

Another cafe at Omotesando area. We supposed it's quite famous looking at the long queue in front of the shop. One of my fave place in Tokyo is definitely Omotesando. I really enjoy walking along and getting lost at the small alleys. We spent most of our times at Omotesando during our stay in Tokyo. We came back here three times. 

At night, we headed to Ginza to do some shopping! Ginza has been among Tokyo's most popular places to shop. We spent the night just strolling around and popping into some world-famous stores.

Guess what we found?

It's the famous Magnolia Bakery, a bakery chain from New York City. We were just waiting for my sister to do her shopping and we discovered this! We finally left with a box of cupcakes, the left one is vanilla cupcakes and the right one is limited edition sakura cupcakes. Not a big fan of cupcakes but still left with some. When I am in Japan, my self control is zero. I always feel like buying things hahaha. #shutupandtakemymoney
By the way, we did give the banana pudding a try and it's good! At least better than the cupcakes lol. Should have had the banana pudding as takeaway instead but oh well.

Ok, that's it for Day 2!