madly in love with you, axioo

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 Claudia Phankova 5 Comments

hello sugarpies ;)

gotta own up about what i'm doing latelyyy, it's all about axioo.

so axioo is a group of people who capture every moments about your wedding seasons, such as the moments on prewedding one, and the wedding day  ♥ ♥ ♥ and i'm madly in love with all of their photographs, they are awesomely gorgeous, i'm not joking guys! so i guess there are 6 photographers in axioo and you can choose the photographers by yourself, finding the chemistry of you and your photographers cause they will be main role in capturing your wonderful moments ;) THEY ARE MARVELOUS

to that, i'm gonna show you their photographs ;)
cause i know you guys will feel the same way when looking through their photographs :) every girl loves nothing but wedding day, am i righttt :)
nevertheless, after looking at most of their photographs, i conclude that there are some points which have to be on wedding :) happy enjoying

let's start from the wedding gown.

after it, here comes the wedding shoes (:

not to forget, a wedding ring, sign of ♡, a promise of spending your lifetime together 

another touch, wedding bouquets ♡

the yummy one, wedding cake

and the awesome decorations,

anyways, i love this one MOST :D

and for me, wedding is not meaningful without your beloved friends :)
i wish that when that day comes, my friends will be there for me, accompanying my wonderful moment, giving warm hugs to encourage me, sharing every little smile and tear :)

this one is perfectly sweet :o awww

pictures above credit to Axioo.


  1. i thought it was a laptop brand-axioo- =))

  2. everyone thought axioo comes from a laptop brand, i was too :) then suddenly found out this another axioo which is greatly awesome :)

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  4. biasa fotonya. bagus printilannya aja.. which is bukan quality fotonya... tp ok lah...

  5. Hello Claudia,

    i was browsing around and i found out about your blog.
    my name is Kinsky and im working at Axioo :) thank you so much for featuring us on your blog.
    we are more than honored :))))

    have a nice day!