enjoy mobile gardening!

Thursday, April 01, 2010 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

as we all know, growing trees needs lots of your time, passion and patience. while we're so busy with all of our activities, that make us definitely have no time at all to grow your plants. Besides, cellphone straps are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, so Strapya, from Japan, releasing their new cute invention : CUTE BABY TREE CELLPHONE STRAP ♥♥♥

Baby Tree Cellphone Strap is a tiny yet REAL plant in a capsule so that we also can use as a cellphone strap. Why is it made to be attached to your mobile phone? so we can always bring our garden anywhere ♥ This is why we call it, MOBILE GARDENING. All we have to do is to water a baby tree once or twice in a month, cause it can grow as any other plants :) 

HOW to water?  please soak the bottom of a capsule in water for 1-2 minutes and wipe off excess water. if your baby tree grows up and needs more space, please replant it in a pod! And Babytree can live in a capsule for 6 months! :)

anyway there are eight kinds of plants that you can grow :

(if i wasn't wrong)

1. Name : Hose
Origin : Argentina
Symbolic : Love

2. Name : Grapelo
Origin : South Africa 
Symbolic : Originality

3. Name :  Yujo
Origin : South Africa 
Symbolic : Friendship

4. Name : Nantai
Origin : Mexico 
Symbolic : Peace

5. Name : Konki 
Origin : Argentina 
Symbolic : Creativity

6. Name : Rova
Origin : United States
Symbolic : Strength

7. Name : Tack 
Origin : South America 
Symbolic : Relationship

8. Name : Kibo
Origin : Central America
Symbolic : Change

now you get no excuse to say that you're too busy that you can't grow plants! price starts from US$ 11.10, you can google it if you're interested :D


I personally would love to pick Grapelo or Tack as my baby tree.
How about you? :)