wait, are you trying to insult me?

Thursday, April 15, 2010 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

Happy Thursday!
just a quick post,
firstly here are random photos to save a dead blog ;)

credit to me :)

anyway i headed to PP (Pacific Place) last saturday and dang! i visited one of axioo's booth ;
of course i took some photos to show you, cute stuffs everywhere!

guess which stuff that make me drooling over it?
YES! THE LEMON GREEN CLOSET. ah i wish i could sneak out and bring it home :3

wondering if my future husband will put a flower in our room
and insert a sweet photo of us in it. lol

isn't it so creative to put a photo inside a jar, and add a sand and shells somemore? :)

do you notice if you watch it a bit closer, you'll notice that the baskets of flowers and the wooden table were not a picture.
they were like some kind of handmade baskets and flowers, with the handmade wooden table and then they were stuck to the photo, so it looked convincingly as a part of the photo. awesomeness!

end of today's post.
later alligator!