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Tuesday, May 18, 2010 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

home, after a long happy day : )

so I have just watched Bounty Hunter with the gang.

don't ask me whether it's good or not, i can't really tell you since i wasn't really focus on the movie. a friend of mine told me that our score was finally published and the curiosity successfully occupied my mind. thank God i own a blackberry, yay : )
then i loaded to my Uni's website, which took damn long (i thought it was because everyone was as curious as me trying to load the website at the same time)

not gonna tell you the exact score, cause I'm not trying to show off. (but if you still think that I am trying to, then it's your business. no offense!!)
five out of six subjects which have been published actually pretty good, the only one which has not published yet till now is calculus -- i don't really expect much of it.....seriously. a 'B' can already draw a smile on my face. but let's not hope too much.

anyways, I've eaten like A LOT today. five time if I'd rather emphasize it. i never be able to resist the temptation..............tell me why

i wish i could eat whatever i want to (although this is what usually I'm doing) and don't get fat at all, or i can just move the fats to everywhere i want!! probably like I eat a whole food, but then i willingly move the fats to my brother, etc. OK, I'm just wondering.

Nah. Who can't stand not to eat this?! I obviously can't!

*die salivating*
uh oh, should stop drooling over it.
smell ya later, xx :)

today's quote
"I'm gonna smile, till you realize you're no longer the reason of my smile."
-Claudia Phankova