munching on cookies of life

Sunday, May 16, 2010 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

Finished doing my assignments, I thought I might write a quick post :) Seriously, life's been pretty hard on me, i'm not complaining though. The point i'm saying this is because I've got a lot of learn about. and the most wonderful lesson is to be grateful.

not intended to sound preachy, but have you ever realized that a simple 'i love you' or 'glad to have you' from your favorite person able to make your day? :)
like, after you help out a person (which makes you being scolded, or etc etc), then they thank you sincerely.... it gives you this oh-so-good feeling. although it's only 'thank you', it does a big thing. that's why i'm so concerned about saying 'thank you', even to a person that often being underestimated because of their job (a bellboy, a cleaning service, etc).


cause everyone would love to be appreciated.
either it's you or me :)

so yeah, go ahead!
let people around you to know that you appreciate them. (sometimes, words help)