it's your choice, to be strong or not

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

Guess where I am?
Yes. I've been back to Jakarta since two days ago.

First day arrived, I was welcomed by a super long journey on the car. Thanks to Traffic Madness! (this is totally not one of those things that I miss about Jakarta)

Oh and yesterday, my big sister and I have been a good company to my little sister and brother since morning, helped them out about their college preparation and went for The Expendables after the stuff was done. The Expendables was a nice movie, though. For the action lover, you're gonna love this movie ;)

Well, for today. I attended my friend's open house in the morning then headed to my little cousin's 1st birthday party or lunch to be exact.. :)

as today is Independence Day, I'm wearing red + white to celebrate it.
NOPE! I'm kidding. I posted this photo because I think my hair looks messy and I like it HAAAAA :)

I think that's all I can tell.. for now. See ya!