Zero to ten

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

Meeting some new friends always brings excitement to me, particularly when I find that time flies when we're spending time together :)

first time of me trying out this place. Went there with my friends and the food was quite nice.

Anyway, this is lay with new flavor, cucumber. When my friend offered me this, I was like, "yucks I don't usually eat a cucumber."
but honestly this lay didn't taste bad though, in the end I tried it out. (blame my curiosity)


Nevertheless, lazing around is the best title of this week. I am quite surprised finding that I actually sit for hours in front of TV now which rarely happens to me. Of course, Grey's Anatomy is one of the exceptions. Well, now my new addiction is How I Met Your Mother. Can't wait to be back to Jakarta and I'm sooo gonna collect the whole seasons of it. The storyline is quirky yet funny.

trying to update my blog often and of course I'm gonna take more pictures!! Pinky promise!! :DD
till then, readers