when words meet heartbeats

Friday, August 13, 2010 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments


I know It's been ages I haven't posted anything on here.. Nah. Probably I could start by an update about my current life?

So, well.. It's my last weekend here, in Medan. I'll be leaving for Jakarta on this Sunday Afternoon. Actually I don't have to go back that soon as my next semester starts on 20th September, but things kinda messed up and I decided to spend the rest of my holiday in Jakarta. (Good news : My big sister is having a holiday, too. super yay!!)

Anyway, I had my new haircut yesterday.
It's a bit shorter than my usual haircut,
but I kinda love it since my girls told me it suits me better :))

what do you think, folks?

and this is dedicated for those haters ;

A conversation with someone....makes me think quite in a different way.

What's so wrong about being single?

most people have this opinion that they won't be happy when they're single. like they feel incomplete or whatsoever blablabla.
back then when I was in junior high school. I was single and I was happy. I didn't feel incomplete cause what's on my mind was like, "I'm happy as long as I get to go to the bookshop", or "I'm so excited to have my ice skating lesson."

as simple as that.
well, things change as time goes by.

the question is,
why can't we easily get those reasons back? why?