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Friday, October 01, 2010 Claudia Phankova 4 Comments

Listening to this song by David Choi never fails to draw a smile on my face. Imagining someone will write this song as he's thinking of you :))

I'm in a huge dilemma, as always. Therefore, if you ask me what I hate most about myself, perhaps is that when I'm being indecisive.
It's been days I've a lot in my mind.. Looking back to past, I should admit that bad things happened in past few years and I often asked, "Why? What did I do till I deserved this shit?" I'm sick of being judged urgh yeah I hope I could just say, "try to walk a mile in my shoes, there you go judging me afterward."

I can't put the blame on those people, though. They don't know my story cause I keep it to myself. All they knew is what I did is horrible. Well.. I'm not saying that what I did is tolerable, but believe me, guys, I'm doing it based on logical reason. You know me well enough to know that I don't do those horrible things, I hope :))

Till that confession day comes, I wish you all were still here, by my side.

Till then,



  1. hey clau. how did you put this minipod to show some songs?
    I tried to put some videos, but the internet was too slow and failed to upload. yet, i had no idea how to upload only the songs.
    Thanks :)
    I'm who you guys called as Lele anyway :)

  2. hey, clau. where did you get the minipods to show songs?
    I tried to upload videos, but the internet was too slow and it failed. And yet, I didn't know how to show only the songs. Silly me for being such a goof :B
    anyway, I'm who you guys called "Lele" :)

  3. aah.. seems like I posted 2 similar comments. I thought the first one didn't get posted.
    Sorry. My bad.. -_-"

  4. hey lele <3
    it's from! you've to sign up for an acc and they'll direct you to the page.
    feel free to try! :)