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Thursday, November 25, 2010 Claudia Phankova 1 Comments

I'm wondering if anyone is still visiting my blog as I've stopped writing since around 2 months ago.

I happily say goodbye to midterm :)) I can have a longer and peaceful sleep!!!
I remember how exactly I spent my last two weekends being at home, which surprisingly didn't really matter to me except the studying part. SEE HOW PEOPLE CHANGE. I used to complain when I have to stay at home.. at weekend. I hope it doesn't mean I'm getting older and more anti-social.

Getting new haircut today and I don't favorite my new haircut. ok, imma give it a week trial and if I'm still not happy with this, then I'd go for another haircut.

believe me or not, I was about to delete this random post
but then I changed my mind and clicked 'publish post'.
Have a great weekend, bytheway.

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  1. hahaha,
    judul ama isi post nya kok ga nyambung ya..
    emang bener-bener random deh lu..