breath sigh of relief

Saturday, March 26, 2011 Claudia Phankova 1 Comments

HEY. It's been quite hectic week and I'm really glad it's over.
I've been struggling with logo and template designing which was kind of new to me and honestly it was stressful experience. I can't imagine WHAT IF I took art as my major in the first place. AHHH NO, basically I think I'd do just fine even though I choose art cause I'm a real hard worker, when I say I'm a real hard worker, I really mean that.
It's not that I belittle art major, believe me, I've seen my friends with their mountainous of projects, sleepless nights, lacking of ideas, etc. Therefore, I really admire art students for their passion. keep up your spirit guys!!

anyway I visit the blogger yard sale yesterday. It was my second time there and all I can say was that there were fewer blogger who participated in this event which is a bit disappointing (perhaps cause I expected something more) but still I end up buying some stuffs to fill my closet.

another topic, look at these rainbow color roses!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?
i know they look like photoshopped but the rainbow roses are real.. and the reason why the color turns out like this because of careful flower engineering (read it somewhere) *ehem*

the rainbow roses are lovely.. but tulip still wins my heart!

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