a glimpse of past

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

Just successfully installed photoshop cs5 in my laptop! after hundreds of failed attempts and honestly I nearly got traumatized of having to install some new applications in my laptop.
Ehem. According to that, I wanna say thank you to my thoughtful friends!!!
Today was the last day of registering concentracion subjects. I've made up my mind. Now all I can do is to struggle more in this semester to make sure I can fulfill all the requirements. grade 'A' for related subject and I have to pass toefl test. Wish me luck!
These pics below were taken last week during my getaway to Tidung Island. I stole it from my friends' albums on facebook. HA. I haven't upload the ones from my camera... I'm that lazy.

camwhoring while my other friends were jumping off the love bridge

my friend were teaching me how to drink coconut water in a smart way!
Yes, believe it or not, it was my first time drinking coconut water directly from the fruit.

putting my camera on the best position for camwhoring!

Anyway, the view is completely breathtaking, and so is the beach. Making some new friends during that trip. All I can say, it was great! Even though I now end up complaining about how dark my face is.. or should I say how tanned it is now. Two days of sunbathing gave me this. I've put sunblock cream on my face, and still, it didn't work. Ok, perhaps it would be way worse if I didn't put any sun block cream on my face.

that's a wrap for today. talk to you soon!