how to spell ignorant

Monday, March 07, 2011 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

gagugaga guuuuu!
it means "hello" in a baby language :P

Now I realize I've changed so much since high school.. just like most people.
Not that drastically changed of course, I noticed it's much more to my preferences.
The old me hardly said yes to sugar cane. She wouldn't have this insane craving for tom yum and japanese curry, she didn't eat something raw, and wasabi.
she would prefer to keep quiet and not to talk with, or greet new people, or in other word, she was an anti social.
you would never find her tying her hair up in pony tail, not even once in three months, not as often as you can find me in ponytail now (See how I've changed)
and etc.

other than that, I'm still somehow me.
I still don't get used to public speaking.
I still don't sugar-coat my words.
I'm still afraid of animals, especially dog and cat.
I'm still bad at organizing my time. (this is a really, really, really bad habit I hope I can get rid of. this is also why I'm here typing a post while I haven't started on my design at all. )
unsurprisingly, I'm still indecisive. (It's very time-consuming, I know) *nodding my head*
and etc.

nevertheless, it's still nice to know that I didn't stuck in some phase of life. I changed, even though I don't know I've become better or worse. I don't care. Ha! I'm ignorant like that.
Ok, imma go back to my work now..after this one photo!

taken last week when mom was still in town. pure bliss moment :-)

I keep my words! See ya.