miss grumpy

Friday, March 04, 2011 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

Ok, another random post.

1. I'm still experiencing trouble with installing Adobe. Now I'm suspicious that Adobe holds on grudge towards me.
if only I knew by an hour ago that staying up for another hour wouldn't make me able to install these stuffs, I'd have slept. I wanna go swimming tomorrow morning. Now I doubt that I can manage to wake up pretty early.....DAMN YOU ADOBE! :(
There is always an obstacle everytime I have to work on something. asdfghjkl
FINE. I am aquarius. I am determined to get what I want. I will make it work tomorrow!!
I SWEAR!!!!!

2. The flinstones me. I don't know either the angle which made it look like I had a giant head or it was true that my head was that big, with a really short leg. HA! Oh skip that.
I figured out that I was dancing when this photo was taken. That's cute.