one step closer

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

this was the afternoon before we headed down to (X).S.M.L for its great sale, 50% off all items. YEAH, I KNOW. Can you imagine that? Therefore, I persuaded my sister the other day to accompany me there. I ended up buying a top, an outerwear, and another gold necklace and that was my fourth necklace which I've just bought in this month.

my outfit that day ;
the batik outerwear I've just bought in blogger yard sale, with f21 necklace (which is currently my fave. I've been wearing it around, like a lot)
quick camwhoring shot was taken when the traffic light was red.
me with my super thick hair, in case you forget how thick my hair is.

I'm completely broke now. I need to develop my self control so this is not gonna happen in the end of every month. On a brighter note, I'm now using Fastnet as my internet service provider. I can't believe I can actually watch youtube videos without buffering. I should emphasize that, without buffering, in Indonesia. That's pretty impressive! Hell yeah, that explains why I keep procrastinating cause my internet connection is super fast now, compared to my old one.

Anyway, I skipped my classes today, and yesterday. Got things to do, and besides, the classes were boring. What's the point of attending class if you didn't understand any damn thing?? I mean, really?
Kay, I have a presentation tomorrow and I suppose I should have done some preps by now.Ttyl.