zleepy zombie

Thursday, March 03, 2011 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

hey how do you do?

I am extremely sleepy right now so pardon me, I won't talk much k.
I only slept for 5 hours yesterday, other than that, surprisingly, I went swimming with my sister this afternoon. Exhausted, yes I am. I had so much fun thou'. Doing sport after months feels damn good for my body. Idk if I can keep it as a habit, let's just see.. how determined I am to have a healthy life.

Anyway, I got a sudden offer as someone who's responsible for designing own logo.
Honestly, I've never experienced anything about designing own logo.. I have no idea how hard it will be.. I'm a real newbie. Yay me!
I've been trying to install Adobe Illustrator but I couldn't find the crack of its serial number so let's just leave it for tomorrow..and the day after tomorrow.. and the next day. HA! Call me, Claudia, master of procrastination.

Ok, no photos, adobe photoshop sucks big time. Talk to you later. Ciao