cha ching cha ching

Tuesday, April 05, 2011 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

Took a glance at my exam timetable just now. First three subjects in a row, and other three subjects in a row too which means it's twice wtf.  Hence, I have to sacrifice my sleeping time asdfghjkl need extra hard work to ace this test, oh no, I need luck more than anything.

oh and here are some snaps of last Sunday! Fun is the best word to describe that day. I laughed till I cried. I don't mean that as an idiom.
I literally cried till my eyeliner smudged and faded away, in a public place wtf.

Taken in my most favorite bookstore in town. You might have guessed it right if you're a bookworm as well.

P.s Recently, I don't do my hair, even in weekends. I'm that lazy!
Tuna Sandwich at Nanny's Pavillon. Highly Recommended!

Trying to take shots of my outfit more often. It mostly failed as I often forgot to bring my camera with me. Let's just see how I can keep this going on!! :D