Doe, a deer

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

In case you're wondering, here is the story behind my blog name. I've this idea that most people prefer staying at home to hanging out on Sunday. So that when you're spending your Sunday at home, I hope my blog can help you kill your boredom. Well, I don't know it's only me to think that way but I hope that you all can enjoy your time by reading my blog in One Breezy Sunday ;)

Playing around with my camera, so here a sneak peek for you to enjoy!

Wearing flowery cropped top with custom-made bright color hi-waist skirt, not to forget a pair of stockings ;)

Wearing the same flowery top, short denim pants from Bangkok, and (X)S.M.L outerwear.
more details on the wedges that I got from Belle.
NO, I don't mean wedges as potato wedges.
gold necklace from Topshop
I promise this is the last one! Please don't get tired of me.
I just can't help myself not to love the shiny glowing effect on my skin in this picture.