Thursday, April 28, 2011 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

Had a catch up session with friends in the afternoon, and there we decided to play ice skating.

I've really looked forward to attending Brightspot Market's opening party, and eventually today was the day.
When I first arrived there, I walked all around and gawked at the insane crowd cause I assumed it wouldn't be this packed as today Brightspot Market's opening party was by invitation only. I can't imagine the crowd when it is going to open for public. Though I quite enjoyed my visit there. The decoration of each stand itself were fancy. Some of them totally caught my attention.

the idea of fake washing machines is cute, isn't it?

They absolutely know how to make something don't look plain.

very sparkling, indeed!
Looking at this colorful decoration reminded me of a garden full of beautiful flowers on sunny day :)

After an hour and half visiting some stands, eventually we got tired and had dinner at Nanny's Pavillon.
Too bad that the pasta I ordered was a bit disappointing.

 What I shopped today. Jeez idk when I can start saving money. *slaponmyface*