25 facts about me.

Friday, May 06, 2011 Claudia Phankova 1 Comments

Have been always wanted to do this post, despite my lack of describing skill.. I'd just start with 25 facts.


#1 - I'm not either a cat person or a dog person. Actually, I'm not an animal person. I will chicken out when dog/cat is approaching me, even the tiny cute one.
I will be like, WTF.
#2 - When I'm furious, I speak horrible things, with my annoying tone of voice. Then I regret every single word I've said freaking much. Guilty max.
#3 - My most favorite serial movie is Grey's anatomy, then followed by How I Met Your Mother.
#4 -  I drink a lot of mineral water. A lot. Therefore, I pee, like all the time. Not literally, but you get my drift.
#5 - Since I was a kid, I have always really wanted to learn ballet. But I didn't. I always wanted my own toe shoes, with a pair of loose socks and puffy tutu skirt. I even learned to stand on my tip toes. Therefore, I secretly envy everyone who has the chance to learn that.

#6 - I'm a hygiene freak. I wash my hand quite often. At least 7-8 times a day.
#7 - I hate driving. I know I've ever mentioned that before. You can tell how much I hate driving.
#8 - I love consuming egg. When I visit any restaurant, the first thing that catches my attention is any menu with egg in it. Drool over. Basically anything with egg. Boiled egg. Scrambled egg. Fried egg. Poached egg. Omelet. Egg yolk. Egg white. I love egg that I consider to put it as my middle name. OF COURSE NOT!
#9 - Most people don't recognize me as chinese. They will put I-can't-believe-you-gotta-be-kidding-me face when I tell them. Don't be so racist! Just because I don't have a slanted eyes, that doesn't mean I'm not chinese. LOL
#10 - I find that guys with glasses are cute, or should I say that I think guys are cuter with glasses :P
#11 -If I have to pick out one all-time movie, that will be Titanic. I can't stop feeling sad every time I watch Titanic. I even shed a tear. I'm such a crybaby when I'm watching sad movies.
#12 - I used to be not confident to wear shorts. I was very insecure cause back then few people keep insulting me about my big calves. Obviously now I don't really give a damn about that. Wearing shorts or not, my calves will always be that big. MEH.
#13 - It is like miracle to find a perfect heels for me.. I have a pretty large-size feet and ankles. That's why when I see a gorgeous pair of heels, I'd be mostly dissappointed cause it turns out that the heels won't fit me well. :(
#14 - People's first impression of me is I look mature and calm. TRUE STORY.
#15 - I'm grumpy. Don't question. It's in blood.
#16 - I don't like drawing attention to myself. I don't know whether it's normal or not, but I usually think a few times before deciding to go to the restroom during class.
#17 - My current obsession is Kevin Wu a.k.a KevJumba <33
#18 - I don't watch both horror and thriller movies. In my opinion, life's too frustrating to be bothered by that kind of movies.
Though, I somehow read horror comics, but I still say no to thriller. Strange, it is.
#19 - I love making new friends but I'm too shy to show it. It just feels awkward.
#20 - My most favorite flower is tulip. Other than that, I think sunflower and daisy are lovely too.
#21 - I love kisses on forehead :)
#22 - I'm definitely not a good listener. Sometimes, I tend to be bossy/preachy.
#23 - I'm not a picky eater. Nevertheless, I don't consume beef.
#24 - When I get into a fight with my siblings, I'd be mad only for awhile then I get over it, but I still pretend to sulk. I'm a whore attention when it comes to family.
#25 - I don't have any particular type of my fave music. Basically, I listen to all kinds of music, from rock to jazz. Ok perhaps not all, I definitely don't listen to dangdut.

If you pay attention to the link of this post, you'll notice that it is 20 facts about me, instead of 25 facts about me. Psst, I changed my mind during writing of this post. Then I added another five cause honestly I was really enjoying writing this post :D
Thanks for your time! I hope you enjoy.

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  1. #9 pasti disangkanya putri kelantan ya? =)