I'm not different, I'm cooler.

Sunday, May 01, 2011 Claudia Phankova 3 Comments

As much as I love food, I don't have a passion for either cooking or baking. It's not that I didn't try. I did. Few attempts, but it turned out every time after I cooked or baked, my appetite got killed.. just like that. I think that'll be a freaking good idea if I wanna go on diet. *light bulb*

What I wore that day. Dress - Topshop, Sweater - Thrift Store, Brown Leather Bag - Mango,  Ankle boots - Zara.
 Where I had lunch today. You might guess it right.

My sisters = Best companion ever!

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  1. clauu. you are looking prettier day by day! share me some diet tips. T___T

  2. You're in charge of why I can't stop smiling right now, Cindy! Thank you ;) Please, you're asking the wrong person cause I'd also be dying to know the good diet tips! mine never works jeez

  3. haha but seriously, i mean my words! cant wait for more posts! :) Hope that life is treating you good! xx