rolling in the deep

Thursday, May 26, 2011 Claudia Phankova 4 Comments

I definitely looked like a dwarf standing next to my sisters that day.  I insisted them to lower their head when this photo was taken. Did it work?

 Meh. It didn't help much. I didn't want to take any photos with them anymore, not when both of them were wearing heels and I wasn't. *rolleyes*

Anyway, this is something made by me for my bff's birthday! My very first attempt.
Her birthday was yesterday though. Well, I've just got time to put it on my blog today. *ehem*

About how my life has been lately.. Looking at some people around me who have achieved something in their life makes me even more depressed. While me... still stuck at this point. not moving at all. :(

I really hope that at least in the end of 2011 :
1. I could have designed my own web.
2. I could have made my own cloth.

Let's say AMEN to that.


  1. Big AMEN to the two wishlist, Clau!
    Promise me I could see your web on the opening day yaa! And if you need any help, you know where to find me :D
    btw, love "Rolling In The Deep" so much. Have you heard Adele's "Someone Like You"?

  2. cieee itu yg buat tmn cc bday, gmana buatnyaaa? XD it's so nice :D

  3. dear angie, itu aku buatnya pake photoshop :)

    yo we gotta meet up! pick a date :D
    I totally have no idea about this web thing.. I'm pure novice. YOU gotta help me :P
    well I can't agree more! Adele completely rocks, doesn't she?

  4. haha okay! after that so-called-freaky-UAS will be good, rite?
    Completeeely! Two thumbs up for Adele. Her voice really blows my mind.. :D