Dear Boys,

Wednesday, June 01, 2011 Claudia Phankova 1 Comments

Dear Boys,

1. I have beliefs in relationships and I don't like going too fast. It's not like we're gonna get married in months. Be patient with me. Perhaps it would take more than a half year but that's how I will be convinced about having a shot with you in the future. :)

2. I don't get jealous when you flirt with other girls. Okay, honestly I do. But then I'll start losing my interest in you. I'll stop believing whatever you say and once you threw away my trust, it's nearly impossible to get it back.

3. I'm old-fashioned and clumsy. I don't easily say yes to your offer. It's not that I'm playing hard to get. I simply don't date random guy. I personally think it's awkward. So far, the guys I dated were the guys I've been in relationship with. Idk whether this point will change. Let's just see. :)

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  1. Dear girls,

    Deep down, I do believe you're a good girl. I personally think that you're much better than any girls out there (that i've ever met, and i've ever been).

    I miss your chubby chicks, the look of your big black eyes, your big red nose, your big face, and your (cempreng) sounds.. hahaha can't find any words in english that defines "cempreng."

    Hope you'll find a man that can make you smile every day.

    I'd really like to be one. But we just have different world.

    So let's just wish that someday somehow you'll find the man of your dream.

    Sincerely, Steve Jobs.