Sunday, June 12, 2011 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

Hello everyone. Finally I can make time to write a new post. I was extremely busy last week, regarding to the project and quiz. Thank God it's over now. Really glad that I can breathe a sigh of relief this week, or should I say, the last week of this term. Yes, final exam is coming afterwards. I know it's cliche but time flies omg. It's like I was just starting this new term and then voila, here comes the last week of this term. As usual, my exam schedule sucks. 5 killer subjects in a row. The best part about exam is obviously when it's over. Wohoo! I will be having a super long holiday. 2 months and three weeks. CAN. YOU. IMAGINE. THAT.
I'm super excited about the upcoming holiday cause I'll be going back to my hometown for, um, perhaps a month? Idk I still haven't decided where to spend the rest of my holiday. I'd better start writing to-do lists (and craving-food lists obviously) during this holiday. I don't wanna spend my holiday just lazing around and being so unproductive wtf. I intend to um, give it a try to this 'new' thing. Actually, I've had this plan on my mind for months, and well, I don't want to be over excited but I really really really hope that I can make it happen in this term break. Some more, my mom and sisters are so supportive about my plan. They're definitely the best in the whole world!! :)

Well, that's all for today. I haven't prepared anything yet, and all I have is an hour preparation before heading to the wedding party.Thanks for reading my rants. Happy Sunday!