Me. No. Believe.

Sunday, June 05, 2011 Claudia Phankova 1 Comments

The pictures below were a sneak peek of how I enjoyed today.
In the afternoon, I went with my grandma to watch Limitless. Just the two of us :) The movie itself was quite entertaining though, compared to other available (read : lame) movies in Indonesia's theaters. Everytime this banning-hollywood-movie issue comes up, I always get extremely furious.. I can't stop thinking wth with our government?! seriously. you. tell. me.
The ending of the movie was a bit unpredictable, imho. Not to mention, Bradley Cooper was friggin' hot. I couldn't take my eyes off him during that movie asdfghjkl.

my sister looks very pretty here, doesn't she? ;)

I wore polkadot dress from MitchyBell with snaked pattern pumps from Next. The ribbon necklace is from Topshop.
Happy Sunday, people. I know you all are hating Monday right now.

p.s Can I have few pills of NZT-48, pretty please?

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  1. comelmislove your polka dot dress,very cute and girly.the white socks with those shoes is an adorable look on you