Bogor Botanical Garden

Friday, July 01, 2011 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

Last paper for today, holiday is on its way. (it rhymes!) Anyway, I'm going to attend Gogirl! Look 2011 Crowning Night tomorrow. I'm super excited to watch my sister's performance, I bet she'll rock the stage! However, I have no idea about what outfit I'm going to wear to the event as the dress code is Mardi Gras. Can anyone give me any clue about that? Um, I think I'll just figure it out tomorrow.

 Taken the other day while I was visiting Bogor Botanical Garden. Really recommended to bring some food like sandwiches, or something yummy for picnic. Should have brought umbrella along too. The weather was unpredictable and it was raining heavily when we wanted to go home.

This one was taken with my blackberry. See the difference quality with the picture before?

Bogor Botanical Garden was huge. More than 80 hectares! (I googled just now). I walked for a whole hour and it wasn't even half of the area. Not surprising. I wonder how long it takes to wander around and not get lost.