every food has its story

Thursday, September 29, 2011 Claudia Phankova 2 Comments

Question : what's the similarity between these three kinds of dishes? 
Answer : <3

Hi guys. Life's good at the moment, beside the fact that I've been feeling sick these days. Light fever, headache, and the list goes on. Guess it's because I have never really had proper meal, since my grandma's been away from town.
By the way, I've finally finished sewing the top. Haven't taken the clear picture of it, but I promise I'll show you guys later. X


  1. That muffin lookin so delicious! Where'd u get that?

  2. I think the store's called as 'Muffin House' but it was months ago I'm not quite sure now. You can find it at FX. :)