Hakata Ikkousha & Matte Nails

Wednesday, December 07, 2011 Claudia Phankova 2 Comments

While impatiently waiting for our ramen. Thank God they came out rather quickly.

The pork ramen from Hakata Ikkousha. There's also chicken ramen so don't worry!

So the next day my sisters wanted to try the famous ramen from Hakata Ikkousha. We came at 11.30am and to my surprise, it was packed already. We only waited for approximately 20 minutes, which was tolerable I think? I can't imagine what if we decided to come at lunch time. We would totally, definitely, absolutely,  go to another place nearby. Anyway, the ramen was nice, but I kinda think it is a bit overrated by looking at the amount of crowd.

Currently in love with matte nail polish!


  1. Love the matte polish nail <3 the black one is perfect