Friday, December 02, 2011 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

It was one Saturday Night in November. I wanted to try out Social House's egg benedict that night, but an hour waiting to be seated apparently changed my mind. Thankfully I've got a box of cupcakes from minilovebites hence my night wasn't really that bad. I'm not really good at waiting y'all know. Anyway, minilovebites definitely serves the best cupcake, in my opinion. Usually cupcake is only pretty/cute but the one from minilovebites is surprisingly scrumptious! I'm not really a dessert person therefore I really recommend their cupcakes. You can visit the website, here.
P.s The price is reasonable for such an appetizing cupcake. :)

Back to that night, we were so hungry after a long wait that we just randomly picked one place as long as we didn't have to queue. Kitchenette weren't that packed that time (it was 10pm I suppose). It wasn't the best night of my life but it was better with you in it. Hehe!