Social House

Tuesday, December 06, 2011 Claudia Phankova 3 Comments

My outfit that day. I wore my mom's vintage skirt with Kidnapped Ally's top and headband.
I have no idea why my hair looked weird in the picture on the left side. Just ignore that, pretty please?

Ethnic wooden bag I bought few years ago.

My silly and *ehem* gorgeous sisters.

This is what I ordered that night. It's on breakfast menu but who cares anyway? That's The Mighty Egg Benedict with turkey ham and pork bacon after all. I was truly pleasant with everything on the plate, except the tomatoes because I don't eat tomatoes. Actually I tried to take a bite of it, and I swear I'll never be able to like tomatoes. Yikes.

I can't seem to remember but I think it's called chicken breast in mushroom sauce. It's obviously one of my favorite now.
Beef Lasagna. It tasted nice too. Even so, my sister said the lasagna from Pizza E Birra was way more delightful.

Two pics above make me even feel the christmas spirit, don't they?

So yeah, that was pretty much how my last saturday night went. I've finally got a chance to try Social House. Turned out that it has become one of my favorite dining places. Overall, the food is nice, and so is the service. I was utterly happy that I could finally satisfy my curiosity, despite my previous disappointing experience. Last time I went there, it was really crowded and I waited in vain. However, it doesn't even matter now. I'm looking forward to trying out other dishes there! I heard that the bibimbap was yummy too.
For the rest of the night, as I was looking around, I could see the "Christmas-Sale" banner/sign in most of the shops. It was like I could hear a whisper, telling me to buy the unnecessary stuff. What a bad sign! I honestly think it will be better for me to avoid malls at time like this. 


  1. hi forever pretty girl. happy that you are backk!

  2. hello sweetie! I am somewhat inspired by you so yeah, hopefully i can keep it going this time :)

  3. you're so pretty! and don't worry i'll have another giveaway fo sho!