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My christmas post! I know it's too late but it's better than nothing, right? *nodding*
Both Christmas and Weekend coincidentally fell on weekend so it was quite a pity for people with full time job. I went to have a christmas eve dinner with sisters and grandma and it was pretty confusing to decide where to eat since my grandma doesn't like western food, etc so we were left with limited choice. Then we (finally) decided on Sushitei and headed there pretty early to avoid the queue because it was Christmas Eve and everywhere would be packed on dinner time. We were TOTALLY prepared right lol.

My Christmas Eve Outfit! I didn't bother to wear something related to red, green, brown. I'm not anti mainstream anyway. It just depends on, um, mood?

Looked above and found this simple christmas decorations.

I just noticed that apparently none of us wore christmas colors. Hahaha I was somewhat better because my outfit was colorful and look at them!

Few food pics my sis managed to snap. Usually when the waiter served the dish on  the table, we unconsciously grabbed the food and just remember a minute afterwards. -_-

Got a complimentary because my grandma's birthday was in mid of December.

New on the menu! The look was really deceiving but when I took a bite of it omg it was surprisingly tasty.

What we got for my elder sister's christmas gift. By we, obviously I mean my younger sister and me.
Honestly, I also received a christmas gift though I haven't took a snap of it. I extremely love christmas gift!!! :D

On the christmas day itself.

Have no idea why it became this blur. I quite love the tone anyhow!

This was one of the signature dishes. I think it was just okay, well, I'm not the biggest fan of duck.

My favorite dish!

This one was totally the highlight of the day. I WANT MORE.

This post really contains a lot of yummy food pictures, therefore I kindly pray that you are not reading this post with an empty stomach! Merry late christmas everyone!?!