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Leaving for Medan in less than 24 hour. Super excited yet worried that everyone is busy gathering with family because it's CNY and my friends won't have time for me. Look at the bright side! I can study while they're busy. Right.
Stressful week is over for now and I'm gonna repack all my stuff but before that, here are some older pictures I hadn't yet posted.

Using this liquid eyeliner from DollyWink. Super easy to use. Trust me! It's just like drawing with marker. Back then I used to be very lazy to even put on eyeliner because I'm such a noob and it took me really long to even put on eyeliner so I usually just went out with bare face. #sadface

"Lemme take your picture!"

First attempt of baking chocolate lava cake. It was supposed to be gooey inside but this was stiff instead. I might have over-baked it, or perhaps it's because I used flour instead of all-purpose flour. Served it with vanilla ice-cream so it looked better. #win

Handmade birthday card I made for my bestfriend. This was before I changed the bunny drawing into the more better-looking one.

Ok, packing now. See you around!

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  1. ur handmade card is just so cuteee!