New Year

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

Forgot to post this on previous post. Making all christmas cards for everyone in very last minute! I started the christmas cards making on 23rd of Dec to be exact. That's why I stayed up till dawn to finish all of them. The price I need to pay for being a procrastinator. -_-

My latest addiction. I had this three times last week! My favorite will be.. Hazelnut Chocolate.

Mie Tarik Laiker!

I don't make any new year resolutions this year. Based on my experience, it only lasted for few weeks before I went back to my old habit. However, I do point out few things I really want this year. Actually I've been wanting this for long until I can't help myself to want it more and more. I barely did anything to take a step closer to my dream. But.. this year will be totally different!