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So my birthday fell on Monday, while I was in the middle of final exam. I can say I'm used to celebrating birthday on exam week because it is mostly every year that my birthday is on the same week with exam. No, it's not a tradition. When I graduate later, I will be no longer having to worry about exam on my birthday.. and start worrying about job, or future husband, maybe? Whoa the thought of it is a tad scary hahaha.

Back to my birthday.
Few minutes after I was turning into twenty (please stop looking at my age), I received a phone call from a man. 

Him: "Happy birthday. Won't you want to celebrate your birthday with me?"
Me: "What??" (suddenly peeking outside)

and that's how I started first few minutes of my birthday. :)

Rushed all the way downstairs and I didn't bring my camera along. Everyone was asleep that time and he didn't want me to wake them up so I ended up with no picture of me and him together on my birthday. :( There was only the picture of the birthday cake taken later in the morning, with my name written wrongly somemore. 

 The picture of me making a wish! It was taken with his phone.

Have never seen my face everywhere on recent updates before. I don't know why I became super sensitive on that day wth. I was really touched to see this :'(

Picture of me holding my another birthday cake. Without my face. It was a 5-am-surprise in the morning and my face looked horrible hahaha I just went to bed at 2.30 am. 

Birthday surprise from my bestfriends, Kevin and Vian! They came to my house the next day. :)

They also brought this along because they know I'm an egg lover. How thoughtful. :)

A handmade card from Vian, and the gift at the back. Look at the hello kitty wrapping paper! Cuteness overload. Aww.

Three days later, I finished my exam. As I've planned before with my classmates, we wanted to hang out after the exam ended. My friends and I were heading to the rooftop to meet the others and when we were on our way, there's this stranger stopped in front of me and gave me a red rose. I gawked, and said, "What's this?" He answered, "Nothing. Just take it." I naturally declined but he insisted so I thought I would just take it instead of arguing because I was actually scared and confused. Imagine a random guy at campus approaching you with a rose. It scared the hell out of me wth.
I walked a few meters and again, another guy approached me and told me the same thing. 
It went on and on until I arrived at the parking area.
At that time, I started to smell something fishy. I kept attacking them with questions about all those strangers but they just laughed and told me that they swore they didn't know a thing and how they were also shocked to be approached with the strangers. I gave them the suspicious look as I was walking to the rooftop. 
On the rooftop, everyone was already there holding the white roses and each of them then hugged me and handed me the roses. Asdfghjkl!! I was truly speechless. I couldn't even describe how happy I was. It completely came as a surprise to me. I swear I didn't have any clue about this. How could they manage to prepare this for me while we were all  struggling with final exam. Awesome, weren't they? *give the (virtual) greatest friend awards to each of them*
:) :) :) :) :)

The beautiful roses from the awesome classmates!

I didn't know what did I do to deserve such great friends, sisters and boyfriend in my life. I must have done something really good in my past life. Maybe I saved a dog or I was a superhero wth.

Kudos for all of you! Thank you for making my birthday THIS memorable. I love you all. x