Monday, February 27, 2012 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

Spent the weekend away with sisters and friends. Had our dinner at Sushi Tei that day and that's when I realized that I'm actually not that into Japanese food nowadays. Whoa I used to be a hardcore fan of sushi, ramen, etc. It's amazing how people change so fast, isn't it?

One of the few photos taken before the camera cruelly died on me. Should always check the battery before heading out anywhere. 

Thought that my pose and everything else was nice in this photo I insisted to post it here until I looked at my face and noticed how horrible it was. Don't worry. I got it covered with meme face. #9gagforever

Got the most unpleasant news yesterday. It was all so sudden that up until today I still feel it is NOT true. #selfdenial. All I can do now is to accept the fact and go with the flow. :(
You know when you really love someone that when you promise yourself you won't go through this whole thing again but you choose to. A lot of emotions going through these past three days but the truth is I'm very happy to spend my time with you and sad at the same time thinking that I am so gonna miss every moment I spend with you. End of post.