CNY part 1

Wednesday, February 01, 2012 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

As you all know, I spent my CNY in my hometown. 3 out of 5 days I left my camera at home so there's really not much photos I'd be posting. Besides my camera is with my younger sister, who is currently in Medan. Don't worry though, I still had these photos stolen from my friends' facebook.
Anyway, I really enjoyed my few days holiday to the fullest. The plan to study during holiday seemed pointless, as I pretended that I didn't have to study, so basically I just sleep-eat-play everyday haha.

With Vivi, my best friend of nine years. Whoa I just counted it on!? Okay, I gotta admit I'm that old.

The three of us.

Vivi and Debby.

 Just realised that we apparently camwhored quite a lot hahaha in such a crowded place some more. #thickskinned

The next day, which is one day before I went back to uni. We gathered at my friend's house in the afternoon and took a lot of photo with iphone apps. Yup boys, that's what girls mostly do.

 Me photobombing Debby. 

I'm in the middle of exam week right now. Gotta start studying tomorrow because I've got bloody exams 4 days in a row starting from Monday and my birthday falls exactly on Monday. I don't wanna study on my birthday! I better work hard now. I mean tomorrow. K. Ta ta.