Pasta De Waraku

Friday, February 17, 2012 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

Sorry for the late updates! I knew I promised to blog more after I was done with my final exam on last Thursday. Unfortunately, there was this sudden trip with boyfie and friends from Fri to Sun. Going to the beach without putting any sunblock on my face, I am now getting the sunburned. *regrets* 
Then I was super busy with these AEO stuff. Starting from Monday, I woke up damn early in the morning and be back at home at night. Today was the last day of AEO and other than being lack of sleep, irritating bossy people and the food, well, I gotta say that being a part of AEO is such an honor. :) Anyway, the pictures below were from couple weeks ago.

Just the two of us having a huge dinner as usual. 

I can barely remember what was this called. Pesto or something?

Mine. I decided to add more salt and it tasted way better. I loved the fried dori though!

so-called Hanito Bread. Tasted so so. Having a quite high expectation towards this dessert because it was like one of their specialty (based on the menu) and I've ever tried this kind of dessert at En Dining before and their dessert was really yummy because the bread was surprisingly soft inside and crunchy outside but this one was kinda disappointing. :(

Happy that it's still February. Thinking of how unfair it is that February only has 28-29 days while others have 30-31 days!? Y U NO HAVE LONGER DAYS, FEBRUARY. AH in a good way, I think that's what makes February more special than any other months. RIGHT. 
I'll be coming back tomorrow with post about my birthday. Stay tuned!