Tea Time

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 Claudia Phankova 2 Comments

Life is better when boyfriend is around. This feeling has grown a lot sometimes it scares me out how I'm getting too attached to someone, but really, sometimes, it's all about taking the risk. 
Anyway, I'm super excited right now!! :)
Going to zoo tomorrow with friends. The last time I visited zoo must be around 2-3 years ago. Gotta wake up pretty early tomorrow that's why if you excuse me, I'll just leave you with pics. All were taken with instagram. I don't have any instagram account because I usually just hack into his account hahaha.

Belated birthday card and gifts from my kepo girlfriend in Singapore. This was very thoughtful of her. Feel super loved!

Grandma looked so young with her new haircut. 

I asked the waiter what was their specialty cakes and oreo cheesecake was not mentioned by him. On the other hand, my boyfriend kept telling me to order the oreo cheesecake because according to him, oreo can never go wrong. It was obviously the worst cheesecake ever. I asked my boyfriend few times if he was sure to order the oreo cheesecake as the waiter didn't suggest it, at all. This one completely proved us wrong.When I visited new restaurant or cafe, I usually ask the waiters which one is the most favorite and I will just go with that they say. I also google it to read the review about it before my visit and I easily trust what people on internet say. My boyfriend knows this habit of mine and keep teasing me every time I'm doing that because there was this one time I insisted to eat the food that was quite famous in town (according to google and its friends), but we needed to go through the whole traffic jam to get there. In the end, the taste was just fine, it was definitely not the food that made you willing to come back). 

What I ordered, Moist Chocolate Cake. This was way better than the oreo cheese cake. Btw, this was one of the waiter's recommendations hahaha we did a rating to the cakes we ordered and this was placed as first rank.

Classic Cheese, second rank. Ordered another cake again, named as Cheese Choc (also mentioned as one of the recommendations from the waiter) and it was on third rank. We didn't bother to rank the oreo cheese lol.

Ok. Off to sleep now. Ta ta.