Tidung Trip

Sunday, February 19, 2012 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

So here is the reason why I'm getting a sunburn. 3D2N trip to Tidung Island right after I was done with my final exam. This was actually a sudden plan and it was my second time visiting Tidung. Basically, everything was slightly the same with my previous visit. Nothing has really changed since the last time.
Right after we arrived, we went straight to the cottage. Our cottage located near the beach so it didn't take long to reach the nearest beach. I didn't plan to play water sports on the first day so when we went to the beach, I stupidly forgot to put a sunblock on my face (biggest mistake ever) and played water sports in the end, right exactly when the blazing hot sun was frying anything alive. It's really depressing to look at myself right now. *bang my head on the wall*

Boyfriend was busy peeling the coconut meat hahaha.

On the last day, I walked around and found this amazing view just not far from our cottage. It's behind our cottage so basically my cottage was surrounded by beaches. Whoa!

No one was there except me, which made me feel extra exclusive alone there enjoying the view #likeaboss

Some other photos taken with iphone. Without any editing.
Camwhored a lot while waiting for the boys. Both of us were frustrated of how dark we became hahaha we should have covered our face with mask or anything. *regrets*

Overall, the trip was epic, except the food. I ate indomie twice during the trip, because honestly, I think that was way better than any other available food. I was expecting nice and fresh seafood dishes since we were in the beach and I don't know if it's just me but I've always thought that best seafood restaurants are mostly located around the beach. The snack was kinda overpriced too. I think that's probably most of the local people depend on tourism for daily income. Just a piece of advice if you're planning to visit Tidung Island, lower your expectation on the food. Oh, and if you're not a cat lover (high five!), be prepared for the annoying cats. They will be literally everywhere, especially at meal time. Other than that, everything should be fine as long as you don't mind the sunburn. :)