Manon macaroon

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

Truly happy that this week has been a productive week so far! I need to catch up with a lot of stuff like university, organization and of course my new project. Busy all week long but still spare time to write this post. You gotta love me lol.

My sun burnt is starting to fade away. Yay.

Waroeng Kopi, a new place to chill out! The location is kinda hidden so it is a plus.

Decided to do a hair bun, for the first time ever! I mean like literally go out with a hair bun oh the weekend, not in daily life when I'm having a bad hair day (or plain lazy hahaha). It is very rare to find me putting my hair up in a bun because I'm very insecure about how round my face looks wth. Only God knows why I decided to do a hair bun.


Waroeng Kopi mostly provides Indonesian dishes. Some were quite interesting so we gave them a try and they turned out not bad. It was our afternoon snacks before catching up with movie. We watched ATM
 (Thai Movie) afterwards since a lot of my friends suggested me this movie. I found it slightly exaggerated instead of funny. I don't know either there was something wrong with my sense of humor that day or it was indeed not funny hahaha ok I won't listen to my friends' suggestions anymore!

hahahaha can't go over how silly her pose is. she is surely going to kill me when she sees this *flip my hair*

A well-spent Sunday. I'm the shortest one wth.

My current addiction. Macaroon from Manon. This one was tiramisu, love of my life. It is crispy outside with a not too sweet yet delicious filling (perfect to my taste). Surprisingly, it only costs 7k/each, which is very cheap compared to others!