Safari Trip

Friday, March 16, 2012 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

Finally! A very late post about my trip to Safari Zoo located at Cisarua, Bogor. Went there on leap day so on the next 4 years I'm gonna proudly say, "On the previous leap day, I went to zoo." hahaha that's better than saying, "I forgot what I did on last leap day." Hahaha okay whatever ignore me. 

This somehow looks like me trying to wake my bf up. Hahaha.

Feeding llama with carrots. Cuteeeee.

Amazed with how fast they eat. Just in a blink of an eye, the carrot's gone!!! At this point, I didn't find them cute any more because they were literally everywhere and kept nagging our car hahaha BYE.

The llama sulked. Good, don't go near to our car. Hush.

The peaceful hippopotamus was bathing like a boss.

I find this picture very sweet. 

The foggy view. The weather was unexpectedly cold. I was wearing shorts somemore wth.

It was raining and another minute it wasn't. For the whole afternoon. Thank God I brought umbrella.

The souvenir shop.
I wanna show you the carved wooden mirror. #lameexcuse I insisted to camwhore even after getting caught in the rain lol.

Super hungry while we were rushing to catch the Cowboy show. We were already 10 minutes late by the way therefore I got no time for snacks.

I didn't know that the audience wasn't allowed to snap photo before I took those photos. You are lucky to able to see the sneak peek of the Cowboy Show. You're welcome. 
When I was going past the food stall, I was really tempted to stop by for snacks because, well, I was already late, and seriously, another five minutes wouldn't hurt right? Hahaha in the end I didn't stop by and thanks to that. The show was surprisingly impressive. I was totally engrossed in the story. Meh, I shouldn't have been late. The fire was real in case you're wondering.

Outfit post. I rarely wear this type of shoes, only when I have to walk a lot.

Best part of the trip: PENGUIN!!! This penguin on the photo came to us and followed our directions. It literally followed us to right and left. Cuteness!!!

Went up to the upper floor afterwards. Here we could watch the penguins from above. Most the penguins excitingly gathered when they saw us there. The employee then told us that usually people throw a fish from the balcony. There are two ways to feed the penguin. First, you can feed them from the balcony. Second, you get to be close to the penguins, and feed them. I really wanted the second one, but I am 100% sure that I get really scared I might faint if the penguins get close to me.

So here's what I was left with. :(

Bet this one was a male because he was really excited when girls were coming towards. 

Another cute animal: Meerkat. Can you see the smallest one? Guess it's just as big as my blackberry.

A cup of hot milo in cold weather like this truly felt like heaven.

Nom nom.

The amazing night view. I wish you were there with me. :-)

Had a great time there. Will always love going to zoo. Have a rocking weekend everyone!