Caramello and FourFingers

Sunday, April 15, 2012 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

Meet a hottie. Zayn Malik. I KNOW RIGHT. *melt inside*

Photos from last week! I went to Caramello sugar-waxing shop which is located at Epicentrum. They provide various services such as upper-body, lower-body, face etc. I only did the full legs waxing. 

My first impression when I entered the shop: Whoa the theme was really playful!

I think that teddy bear was somewhat the signature of the shop.

Each person gets a room like this. To my experience, it was a little painful when she ripped that sticky thing off but I kinda got used to the pain after awhile. (It was my first time!) I was thinking to go for eyebrows waxing too but I didn't have the guts. The beautician told me it was way more painful than the legs waxing. I'd rather not.

Afterwards we went to had another lunch at 4Fingers. I read a couple of good reviews about the chicken wings as its specialty before so I just wanted to give it a try. It turned out okay but I couldn't see anything really special about it. I'd prefer this than Omo!Chicken though.

Sisters and grandma.

Life has been really good these past weeks that sometimes it scares me of being too happy because nothing lasts forever, but on the bright side bad thing also won't last so it's 50-50!
I really can't wait to launch the second collection of our clothing line! I'm more excited to think about the idea of next launching than mid term paper. *roll eyes* Sometimes, I hate the fact that I'm quite competitive because I just take this exam stuff rather serious. Not that serious but I simply can't enter the exam room without any preparation. One of my biggest horrors.