Thursday, April 05, 2012 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

I am waiting for le bf to pick me up for dinner, so I think I shall blog a little. Some pics I haven't yet posted. All from iphone as I was too lazy to bring my camera everywhere.

Accompanied le bf had his hair cut. #goodgf

Dishes from Ninotchka! Thank God I am munching on kit kat while posting these food pics. 

With sister.

I was wearing Semi Hi-waist Classic Short in Black from Oudre. This was one of the few items I got to keep for myself lol.

Broad forehead. Yea.

My sister in Oxford Collar Top from Oudre.
Just delivered some packages today. I really wasn't expecting that the response would be this good! I have been lack of sleep since the launching day but not a single day I complained about it.You name it. Packing, receiving order, delivery, etc. We do it ourselves. I didn't mind even it occupied most of my time. All the exhausted feeling gone in a blink of an eye when our customers were excited with our next collection.
It really felt like.. our hard work is totally paid off. :)

The other day I was playing with iphone game, Draw Something. It was quite addictive I played it nonstop in one day till I got bored. I find it more exciting to play with friends than strangers because friends draw stupid things that only both of us know hahaha I only managed to printscreen these four drawings. First and second pics are the most hilarious drawings so far lol. The third and fourth were drawn by me anyway!

Ok, I need to sign out now. I'm still in my pajamas. Ta ta!