Oudre's First Collection

Sunday, April 01, 2012 Claudia Phankova 2 Comments

Finally, it's today!! Oudre is officially launching the first collection. It's been a busy month but I was really having so much fun working on it. Truly happy that it finally came true today because this has been my dream.. for years?
I am truly grateful for this opportunity and also having a very supportive family, boyfie and friends are really a bless yay!
Hopefully you'll love the collection because we personally handpicked each design by ourselves! I wish I got to keep each one for myself but the stock is very limited so I halfheartedly had to accept the fact that I must prioritize customers. :) Yeah, I'm amazed with myself how I'm very committed to this lol.
Honestly, I love the entire collection but if I only get to pick one, I'll pick this!!

Also available in blue! Unfortunately, the stock is limited very sad that I don't get to keep it for myself :(

And also, many cool accessorries!

I insisted to keep this snake-skin eclipse necklace for myself lol and this one is selling real fast, be sure not to miss it!

Before I end this post, lemme bribe all of you once again. *ahem*
Please pay a visit to Oudre now!!! :D
It's a whole new month. Perfect time for new tops/dresses/bottoms/accessories. Also, you don't have to worry because we are trying our best to bring the fine quality stuff with affordable price! Go have a visit now!