Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 Jakarta, Indonesia

Sunday, October 21, 2012 Claudia Phankova 2 Comments

Went to BigBang Alive Tour 2012 Concert at MEIS Ancol, Jakarta on October 13. It was the second day as the concert itself was held for two days from Oct 12-13.
To cut a long story short, this was the very first concert I've ever watched. Let's say that I'm not really that type who loves going on concert but this one definitely was an exception. I have been a VIP since senior high school and when I have finally heard that BigBang was going to hold concert at Jakarta, I was like OMG FINALLY!! I GOTTA WATCH IT!!!!! (not exactly, but I'm quite excited lol)
To sum it up, BigBang is not like any other korean boybands. I guarantee that you are going to love their songs. They also have a very quirky style and they still manage to look great as well. If you have no idea of who they are, well, go make some effort to google pretty please.

Anyway, the concert was IMPRESSIVE. They really gave an outstanding performance. What made it even better was their fan service. Four thumbs up! They were all like so humble and friendly!! I was melting when Dae waving at us with his smiling eyes omg I can't even..... I died of happiness. TEEHEE I was so lucky I could watch basically everything as I was quite close to the stage. Second front row. YAY to that! (But the crowd was... asdfghjkl. We'll get on to that later on this post.)
It was very entertaining how they were all very playful on the stage. Dae poured water on TOP while TOP was singing then TOP wanted to take a revenge but he failed lol. There's also Ri recording TOP dancing in silly way. AHHH recalling good memories. :")
I didn't bother to take pics most of the time because I wanted to fully concentrate and also the crowd that day was crazy. Got pushed all the time, I can barely move my hand/body without hitting people near me. (bless me)
Couple of pics I managed to snap.

We were at standing A1.

Watching their live concert has made 2012 a memorable year for me. It was like one of the best highlight of the year. Hence, I had my best weekend.

Now that is over, I'm having a major 
emotional BigBang withdrawal. I miss Dae's smiling eyes!! :(

How Daesung can be so lovely!!! AH

God, now I love them even more. 

The queue management was really bad. It was such a horrible experience to me. Thankfully the concert was really awesome that in the end I was able to tell myself that  the chaotic queue was worth it in the end. I really hope BigDaddy is going to take a serious act about it so it won't happen again in future. It was disappointing considering BigDaddy is a well-known promotor but they still can't figure out about the queue management. There's not even metal/rope to divide each section, which one was standing A, and which one was standing B. My friend even managed to sneak into VIP section despite her standing B ticket.

(update: Photo was taken from BigBang facebook page. Look at the queue!!! OMG I could recall how stressful I was.! I supposed this was the second/third batch entering the building. I was on the first batch so the queue was much worse than what it looked like in this pics. *pats myself* )

Already looking forward to their comeback, hopefully in 2013!


  1. yeyyyy sounds funnn, too bad i had something to do at that day, lets be VIP forever :P really really wish for their come back in jkt 2013 ! ;)

  2. it was amazing indeed. I had so much fun I couldn't get over it. Bigbang PLEASE COME BACK SOOOOON