Fimela Color ID

Monday, November 26, 2012 Claudia Phankova 2 Comments

Another outfit post! Yay I can keep my promise. There are still some outfit posts I haven't yet posted but that means I'll regularly update this blog. (hopefully)
Thanks to Zenith Phankova, my elder sister for taking the picture! All credits to her.

Anyway, I took Fimela Color ID Quiz sometime within last week. Beside taking the test, I may also join the contest by uploading pic of me wearing outfit/makeup with my color ID in it. According to the test, mine was blue. 
So that was it.
I thought I might just as well participated in the contest. Just for the sake of giving it a try as I have never joined this voting contest before. As expected, it is really hard and such a bothersome to ask people to vote for me. I messaged each other personally and some people I know just read it without bothering to reply me.  Nevertheless, there were quite a number of people offering to help and even though I don't know them really well, some even wished me luck. I am so thankful. Thank you very much to all of you!!!! God bless all of you who voted!!! For those who didn't vote even when I asked you personally to, God bless you too. May you have a bigger heart to help others. Lol.
Promise myself I'd try to help others more because I want to show my gratitude towards everyone who is being so supportive. I want to give biggest hug to my family, boyfriend and all my friends. :D 
I don't know what I'd be without all of you.

If you noticed, I was posting a pic in previous post of me wearing the same outfit except the blazer. I initially wore the black one, then I changed into blue only to take pics lol because I needed to wear blue according to my color ID.

(Royal Blue Blazer from China, Cloth inc Black Sheer Dress, Diva Necklace, Vintage Bag, Dr.Martens Boots)

Please vote for me if you haven't!!! I need more votes because other competitors' votes are suddenly increasing quickly and I'm losing here. They'll only pick 4 winners to receive the prize therefore please help me to win!!! :D
Click here.

Click vote button beside the number of votes, then you'll need to log in to your facebook account. You need to click vote ONCE AGAIN to make it counts afterwards or click vote until you can see 'YOU VOTED' sign showing that you have already voted.
Thank you very much for your time. Have a great night!!


  1. Done voting!
    Good luck, Claudia.
    You have a nice outfit there,
    wish you luck! :)


  2. that's very sweet of you. thank you debby ;)