OOTD - Candy Skull

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 Claudia Phankova 4 Comments

Candy Skull.
A little part of my outfit reminds me of candy I don't know why. Perhaps because of the color.
My favorite satchel from H&M, with lovely baby pink color. Have you ever seen the cambridge satchel pastel collection? I am so tempted to get one! 

The Leather Jacket was from Le Bijou couple years ago. It's quite classy compared to usual biker leather jacket. It's more simple and I love the cutting. By the way, have I ever mentioned I have a thing for leather? 

Skull Top is also one of the upcoming item on Oudre's collection next week. It has exact cutting with the unicorn top as both are H&M inspired.

Blurry shot of my #armswag. 

(Le Bijou Classy Leather Jacket, Oudre Skull Top, H&M bag, Juneandjulia wedges, Kidnapped Ally headband)


  1. lovely outfit and cant wait for the new collection <3

  2. thank you! it is up on facebook right now, dear :)

  3. may i know where did u get those bracelets? esp the one in the middle :)