Saturday, November 17, 2012 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

Random OOTD photos taken with phone and camera (of course when I'm not too lazy to bring it out).
I forget to take pictures on most days and no one helps me to take the pictures beside my elder sister. My younger sister can't even take 'decent' picture lol. Only God knows why. =X

Movie Night:
Top - Oudre
Skirt - China
Bag - Mango


Studded Collar Top - Oudre
Skirt - China
Shoes - goeieworld

Blazer - China
Dress - Cloth.inc
Boots - Docmart
Necklace - Diva

Family Dinner:
Flamingo Top - Dorothy Perkins
Black Leather Skirt - Oudre

I notice how I tend to wear either skirt or dress most of the time. Then maybe it's because I wear that to church and I think skirt/dress is more decent I don't know why. Other times I also love wearing pants. :D

Anyway, I want to watch Breaking Dawn part two today but I doubt I'll get some tix as it was just launched yesterday. I haven't even watched Skyfall. Bet I'm the only one who hasn't watched Skyfall. =X