2012 Summary

Saturday, January 05, 2013 Claudia Phankova 4 Comments

2012 has been the most awesome year in my life so far! Here's some highlights:

#1 My Birthday
Got three different cakes surprises and roses surprise on my birthday! Each of them left a meaningful impression forever in my heart. :)

#2 Oudre
In case you don't know, I'm a co-founder of Oudre. Oudre is the clothing line we (my sisters and I) came up with back in April 2012. We agreed on the name together. When we first started this, never in our mind, we dreamed of Oudre will last until now. It's merely an idea popped in my head back then. I have always wanted to start my own shop from long time ago, but that thought only sat on my mind.  It's impossible for me to start it alone. I'm so glad I decided to get out of my comfort zone... 

Lucky to have my sisters as my partners. Ever since we started Oudre, we have something to look forward to. Not only that, I really love how my sisters and I got even closer with each other. Some other time we might not agree with each other but then we learn to deal with each other's habits. We discuss. We talk about ideas. We agree on something. That's the whole point. Oudre stands for Our Dream. Indeed. we grow up together with Oudre. :)

#3 Dyed my hair for the first time in my life
It was impromptu! I woke up one day and decided to get my hair dyed. I was pretty scared I might not like my color, like what if it turned out ugly I would just shut myself off at home until I got back to my default color. lol so shallow I know. I quite liked it though even when people ask me what color my hair was I could just replied with smile and said 'I don't know hehe' because I seriously don't know. I just picked random color I like then voila!

#4 Bali Trip

Went to Bali on September with the greatest companion ever! Relaxing trip, it was. Everyone should have the at least once-in-a-year trip like this. Worry nothing, live life to the fullest. Beautiful beach. The heavenly massage. Delicious food. Weee!


I blogged about it before here. First concert I've ever attended. Hands down to BigBang!!! I'd definitely watch them live again. They were so great performing live and they were very friendly to the fans. T_______T

#6 Oudre on Gogirl!'s December Edition Curated Online Market

One of the greatest blessings - Oudre was published on most popular magazine Gogirl! December Edition. Yay! Oudre is nearly 9 months old but look at this. :) Hopefully, Oudre will grow bigger and bigger. People say, dream BIG, right!! lol

#7 Spent my new year at Kuala Lumpur

Been spending new year at Jakarta three years in a row, I completely want something different this year. So Kuala Lumpur, it was! Two trips in a year. So so grateful! :)

Well, that's the summary! Hope 2012 has been good to you too!! :)


  1. I just discovered your blog, it's amazing! I love all the outfits you post! ^^
    I actually nominated your for the 'Liebster Award' on my blog here! ^^ I hope you decide to do it as well! (:

    1. Yay will do soon! thank you so much, Zoe! :)

  2. ure so cute! love ur style.would u like to follow each other via gfc and lookbook? let me know